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Fan Coil Maintenance and Service

Welcome to Indoor Air Maintenance and Service!

Based in Mississauga, we’re here to ensure the comfort of your condo. As the GTA’s most reliable fan coil systems maintenance company, we bring you superior service and installation for your heating and cooling units. Known for our industry expertise, we offer our services to residential and commercial properties across Canada. Call us today!

Our Best Assets: Honesty, Integrity, Quality

HVAC Fan Coil Unit Leaders

Established in 2016, Indoor Air Maintenance and Service is a renowned family-owned business that specializes in the maintenance and installation of HVAC fan coil units for condos and commercial applications.

Your building’s longevity is our top priority! Innovations in products and services fuel our desire to serve you. Backed by cutting-edge equipment and a crew of dedicated, PMII certified mould removal professionals, we aim to deliver nothing but high-end results.

Based in Mississauga, we’re proud to be one of the most trusted names in the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO). All of our experts are highly reliable and follow IICRC and EPA protocols and industry guidelines to maintain your units in the most sustainable way possible. Get in touch with us today!

Your building’s longevity is our top priority

Fan Coil Maintenance and Service Mississauga

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our unrivalled fan coil unit and ventilation services

Infallible Fan Coil Systems

Are you looking to lower your electrical bills? You can count on our qualified team to provide replacement coils that will reduce your energy expenses, improve efficiency, and keep your system in tip-top shape all year round.

Cutting corners isn’t in our company’s lexicon! As GTA’s most trusted and prominent fan coil cleaning company, Indoor Air Maintenance and Service goes to great lengths to offer our valued customers top-of-the-line products and services they can fully trust.

With a specialty in AC coil cleaning and repair, we also offer an extensive range of engineered and affordable solutions for all your dryer vent ducts. Browse our website to learn more about our unmatched, pocket-friendly services for your air conditioner’s long-term performance!

Unparalleled and uncompromising quality

Dryer Vent and Interior Cleaning Mississauga

Why Choose Us?

Unwavering Integrity and Professionalism

Reliability sits at the heart of our business.

Impeccable Quality

We boast an exclusive range of unmatched products and services.

Licensed and PMII Certified Technicians

When you choose us, you’re hiring GTA’s most vetted and skilled technicians.

Budget-Friendly Plans

Our line of premium solutions are easy on your wallet!

Breathe Better Live Better

Start on the path to a healthier, cleaner living environment with our fan coil cleaning services. With a well-maintained, efficient HVAC system , you might also enjoy lower electrical bills and a lighter carbon footprint!

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