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Fan Coil Replacement

Fan coils are an integral appliance for heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Like any other appliance, fan coils should be replaced when they no longer work as designed. Indoor Air offers a semi-annual maintenance program that will keep the fan coil functioning correctly.

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Is It Time to Replace Your Fan Coil System?

Unaware to the condominium owners this appliance is the breeding ground for mould. Fan coils provide ideal conditions for mould growth from the paper backing of the fibreglass insulation, oxygen and excessive moisture coming from the air conditioning cycle in the summer. Mould spores and fibreglass particles become airborne as the fibreglass insulation starts to break down due to excessive moisture.

Once the mould spores have become airborne your health becomes at risk. At first it may be just an irritant like a runny noise, watering eyes, itchy throat, sneezing or eye irritation. This could be the start of something more serious, as each breath you take you inhale mould spores. Once in your lungs, it may lead to some serious respiratory issues.

It has been our experience if you are having issues with mould in your fan coil system, there are visible signs of the fibreglass insulation is deterioration, the coils are clogged and leaks from your unit, or frequent repairs are required, you should replace the unit. It’s suggested that 20 -25 years of age is when you should be replacing your old fan coil with a new CSA certified fan coil system.

Indoor Air is a proud distributor for Inner-Cool Systems. Inner-Cool Systems manufactures modular fan coil systems built to your required specifications.  Each fan coil produced goes through testing to ensure there are no water leaks or electrical issues before it leaves the factory. Thermostats and motors are all set to the factory specifications completing the perfect fan coil system.

Fan Coil Specifications

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Stainless Steel water lines.
  • Closed cell foam insulation.
  • Rubatex closed cell foam pipe insulation.
  • Smart Tech Digital thermostat.
  • Poly drain line.

Upgrades Available

  • Pipe sensor Aquastat.
  • Water sensor float.
  • Flood warning system.
  • Thermostat.
  • Door and grille replacement.
  • Extended warranties.
  • Washable filters.

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Start on the path to a healthier, cleaner living environment with our fan coil cleaning service or replacement program.  Plus, you may save on your heating bills with a cleaner, more efficient heating and cooling system.