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Impeccable Vent Cleaning Solutions

The experts at Indoor Air Maintenance and Service take great pride in our proficiency at evaluating, cleaning and maintaining your bathroom vents to reduce the occurrence of mould and mildew and enhance your indoor air quality. Thanks to our use of the latest cleaning tools and techniques, including the use of state-of-the-art vacuum systems to sweep up even the tiniest particles, we ensure impeccable vent cleaning solutions that will stand up to any inspection. By removing dust and dirt build-up from all the different parts, we help improve your system’s overall efficiency and increase airflow.

This will prevent the accumulation of harmful bacteria. Read more about the benefits of our vent cleaning solutions below or just give us a call.

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Bathroom Vent Cleaning Make-Up Mississauga


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How to Tell Your Bathroom Vents Need Cleaning

It’s not uncommon for people to overlook their fans and vents when cleaning the bathroom, or to just give the outer surface of these openings a perfunctory wipe down. However, leaving the in-depth cleans for too long can lead to hazardous fungal and mould growth of fungus, which aside from being a chore to clean, can also lead to severe health complications.

So how can you tell that your bathroom vents need a deep-clean? Lingering odors, steam and moisture building up in the bathroom as well as a higher incidence of respiratory issues are all signs that your fans and vents are getting clogged.

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Bathroom Vent Cleaning Make-Up Brampton

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